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. >>> today we are in poolesville maryland. >>> i'm here with the good folks. >> so many people have come out so far. you can see where everybody is this morning. we have our own musicians out here this morning. >> he has been here for us all morning. we also have a grand entrance coming up. we are going to highlight motorcycle club here in the area. we will have that later for you. >>> also a good look back at where poolesville comes from. >> we will talk with the commissioners of this town and we'll talk about the ferry. so we'll talk with the folks that run that. >> the whole crew is out here today. right now we want to say good morning to tony and tucker. >>> good morning. we have a guest, tucker -- take it easy. he sees his owner over there. this is theo. >> he is having a good time. >> it's okay. i'm going to get to the weather before anything happens here. we have a heat advisory going into effect today at noon. it is because we are expecting our temperatures to be in the upper 90s. >> would it be a dog day? >> it would be a dog day. very nicely done. it is going to feel
of a big rally in washington today. but right now we begin our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >>> good morning. we are looking similar to the last few days in maryland where it is hot and sticky with more thunderstorms here and there, especially this afternoon. looking at things this morning relatively quiet. western maryland seeing a couple of showers this morning. as we start in the 60s and 70s and will climb to the 80-degree mark or so by 9:00 a.m. through midday, the chance of thunderstorms start to increase from west to east to the lunch hour. well though the 80s to 90s. highs topping out low 90s in spots this afternoon with a threat of a thunderstorm or two. >>> a couple of cameras focusing on maryland traffic. we begin with a live shot at quince orchard and clopper road. drivers are stopped at the light. overall no problems to report out this way. as we shift things over to georgia avenue and viersmill looks like the same situation. nice and quiet. and finally all aboard, we are flying over 50 westbound from the bay bridge to bowie toward washington. loo
for that update. >>> a traffic alert for anyone on the roads. the maryland lap. agencies promise that there is zero tolerance for drunk drivers. y that setting up dui checkpoints and concentrating officers in areas known with to have a high number of driving accidents or arrests. >>> perfect weather to go into that 4th of july weekend. it can't last, no summer is coming back and that looks like it's in time for the 4th of july. what are we talking here, gary? >> reporter: i have good news and bad news. the good news is this forecast hasn't changed the last few days. as you said, we're going to be very, very hot and that is in some sense the bad news. more good news, we're not going to be that humid and that is in the mid-90s and instead of around 100 degrees or 102 or 103 and that is not going to be miserable and that is going to be hot july 4th and all weekend, too. here's our current temperatures, 81 degrees in the city. as you fly back to the west, there is warm stuff and there is -- that is not real, real hot yet. over the next few days, we'll build the heat and again, this 4
that is still light on 95, 66, looks good in maryland, across the american legion bridge. back to you. >> thank you. >>> we begin with breaking news from northeast d.c. police are investigating an overnight incident, new video. it is at eastern ave. details are sketchy, but we will keep falling the story. >>> we are turning to our top story. more water problems in potomac, maryland. the mass of water main breaks sent a geysers of water shooting into the sky on wednesday afternoon. they have stopped the leak, but the repair work will take place all morning. we will have reports in a few minutes. >> dangerously high temperatures have claimed two lives in maryland. the death toll is eight. the latest case was a baltimore resident who died earlier this week. this weather is putting stress on power companies. an electric grid operator declared an emergency vet yesterday as the power demand soared. they're urging residents to conserve electricity. numerous outages across the d.c. metro area. last night people along a street in northeast had no lights and no air conditioning. >> my house is a heat box
complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> blamed and threatened for the gulf oil spill, bp's ceo steps aside >> who is the company's new leader and how it will affect the cleanup. >> i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kye jackson here's what people will be talking about >>> he became the one to pass the blame of the worst environmental disaster. the look at the oil well that caused the disaster. tony hayward's announcement comes on the same day that bp posted their losses >> reporter: america getting ready to take the reigns as they promise they will make things right in the gulf >> spent the last three months on the coast and i will focus on the relationships and in washington >> reporter: the oil giant's first non-british ceo stood with tony hayward. he took over the response to the spill last month and the effort is about to enter a critical phase. they plan to pump mud and cement through the cap on the well to start the static kill. gulf coast residents are hopeful it will be seal perm independently and the gulf c cleaned up >> he knows the coast real well, i think it's
in southern maryland. hold on. it's going to get better. temperatures will warm to the upper 80s by 9:00. 90s by noon and 102 for the drive time. >>> it is 5:00 a.m. angie has the latest on the traffic. >>> reviews on the power outage in northeast dc. if you come at an intersection where the lights are out or on flash, treat it as a four-way stop. no accidents to report in virginia, district of columbia and maryland. we want to show you the drivers are moving at speed on 66 from centreville to past 50 to inside the beltway. the next stop the beltway in virginia not too busy this tuesday from 95 up to 66. now in maryland we want to move it back outside and show you the outer loop. no construction to report at this time. pretty much smooth sailing from 95 over to 270. and finally we will call it a wrap inside the district. we give you the suitland parkway where it meets south capitol street. nice an easy commute here. very, very quiet. andrea, back to you. >> thank you. >>> we can't say howard didn't warn us about the heat an alert and as he said today will be worse than yesterday. some people
of maryland and into the mountains. highs into the low 90s. lower humidity for the day tomorrow and more humid again friday and saturday. the hot weather continues into the first part of the weekend. jerry, how's the traffic? >> we're doing pretty well, the drive along 290 northbound, all travel lanes are open, no hangup theres. just watch for the construction barrels. over to ox enhill, maryland and look on the beltway, inner loop is okay, outer loop from 210 to saint barnabus road, heads-up. they should be picking that up about any time. >>> police are trying to figure out who killed a well known art terrori ist from montgomery county and dumped her body. she was restoring paintings for heads of state and famous hollywood celebrities. on monday her family reported her missing after she didn't return to her rockville home. later police found her body wrapped in a blanket in the alley. police did find tire tracks near the scene. a male suspect is being questioned by police. he has not been charged. >> at this point detectives believe they have the suspect in custody responsible for this death.
as tomorrow. all of these areas in northern virginia, the district of columbia, most of maryland, and the eastern shore under this. high, excessive heat advisory. right now the dew points are in the mid 60s to upper 60s. that is rather humid but they're going to get even higher as we get into tomorrow so it's going to be turning more humid. right now in the mountains it's near 80. eastern shore, near 90 degrees there even at the beaches, code orange for unhealthy air quality. this afternoon so reduce outdoor afternoon activity. yes we do get to a hundred and perhaps even 102 or maybe even near the record of 103 this afternoon. details on the end of the week, a break coming our way in a few minutes. >> we'll need it. thank you, tom. finally, some relief for those of you who live in montgomery and prince george's county. the mandatory water restrictions in place for five days have now been lifted. crews fixed a 96-inch water main that was on the brink of breaking. megan mcgrath joins us live from potomac, maryland where the new main is now working. residents are happy about this on
is incident free. and the outer loop in maryland is tracking that commute. nice and quiet this morning. 95 all the way to 270. that's the traffic. back to you. >>> this morning, vre has a new operator, keolis is replacing amtrak as the company in charge of all vre trains. we have more on how this change will affect commuters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, hopefully the only changes vre riders will notice are cosmetic like new employees, new uniforms but this morning certainly marks the end of an era for virginia's commuter railway. after 18 years of running vre, amtrak is out and keolis rail services of america is taking over. amtrak has run the railway since its beginning but last november tux during vre contract negotiations the french company was the lowest bidder and was awarded an $85 million operations contract. but the changeover has come with some controversy. two months ago, keolis alleged that they would not be ready for the june 28th takeover and clearly the date did slip by two weeks. the problem was vre was struggling to get employees in place. keep in mind, nearl
has a college degree from the university of maryland university college and for years worked as a clerk at u.p.s. and tonight, his coworkers are speaking out about the man they call a quiet worker. >> as far as him killing people, that was a total shock. >> reporter: this person who wanted to remain anonymous said for years they worked side-by- side with accused killer jason scott. >> he didn't talk to too many people. he did kind of keep to hill. >> reporter: he worked in this u.p.s. building in the warehouse and recorded the labels on the package -- corrected the labels on the packages. >> he was never anyone to cause problems. if you asked him to do something, he did it: he was extremely fast at typing. >> uh-huh. >> and he was really -- as far as employees g he was pretty good. >> reporter: prince georges county police chief thinks these indictments are just the beginning. >> i hope that with the arrest and this bad, very dangerous individual, that other witnesses will come forward and assist us in collaborating and closing the other cases. >> reporter: investigators say
near camden yards. no word on how the man died. >> maryland natural resources police say annapolis man died after cauggt on a personal water craft during the storms last night. officials say 63-year-old warren smiih and another man weer riding two personal water craft near the bay bridge when the storm blew in. the men were unable to reach the shore at sandy point state park. second man was kicked off the craft. that man was able to get back o3 his craft, but smith was found floating face down in the water. >> last night's violent storms also caused damage across the state including prince george's county. where a tree fell on a mini van killing a woman. 44-year-old michele hue manck killed. friends remember her as a generous person. >> she came over and gave meea favorite blanket as a gift. that meant a lot to me. because it was her child's favorite blanket and she gave it to me. >> she was very generous? >> very generous and kind. and a good person. -> 64-year-old woman was also inside of the car, she was taken to an area hospital. no word on her condition. >> the weekend torms allo
graduated from and worked at the university of maryland. friends say she he can sold at all of -- excelled at all of that. but that wasn't what she loved most. >> family was the center of her life. she loved those two girls. >> reporter: she and her husband adopted the girls. they gave her son a gift that meant more than any other. >> when he was a newborn, she gave me a cotton blanket that belonged to sophie that was something sophie loved a great deal. she came over, gave me sophie's favorite blanket as a gift. and that meant a tremendous amount to me because it was her child's favorite blanket and she gave that to me. >> she was very generous? >> very generous, very kind, and she was a good person. >> very supportive lady. very intelligent. i'll certainly miss her. >> reporter: her 64-year-old mother was with her and was taken to the hospital. her physical condition is improving. of course, emotional recovery for the family will take a very long time. >> our thoughts and prayers are with them tonight. thank you. >>> severe storms c
in maryland and virginia dropped in june. >>> there's words of a touch screen blackberry that will rival the apple iphone and other smart phones out there. research in motion is expected to unveil the new blackberry in new york on tuesday. it will include a new web browser and the slide of a keyboard in addition to the touch screen. it will hit the market in the middle of august. there's no word on how much it will cost. also, a dim forecast for the economy. rob nelson has more. >> good morning. a gloomy outlook for the economy. a new survey finds economists are predicting weaker growth and higher unemployment than a few months ago. one reason they believe the recovery is beginning its companies are still hesitant to hire. if that has led consumers to cut back on spending. it is usually consumers that lead the way out of a recession. the results are in line with the latest findings by the federal reserve. the regional fed survey reveals the pace of economic activity is slowing or holding steady in parts of the country but if it does nothing to point to a double-dip recession. the unemplo
drought, mainly maryland. a good chance of rain today. as the cold front pushes slowly to the east, saturday looks pretty damp. sunday looks sunny. partly cloudy today with a few isolated thundershowers later today. more on that weekend straight ahead. >>> thrilling ride around town. no problems on the beltway or interstate. let's look at route 4 and route 5, 228, 210 all good into oxon hill, love the chip to annapolis. baltimore washington parkway looks clean. no issues according to metrorail. everything is on time. driving through virginia, 66, 95, 395 moving at speed. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 12 of the 100 railcars metropolitan of service are back on the tracks. it moved to the cars -- rumbled to the cars because of concerns the doors could open while in motion. six cars are being checked and returned to service today. the job should be complete by the end of the month. >>> even g4 degrees in rosslyn. >>> we will tell you about the latest trend for vending machines that is for adults only. we'll have details. >>> they are taking history and saying it does not matter. >> e
. -- thousands went without. pepco is planning to work with the council. rupp >>> bill, maryland -- rockville residents can rest easy now that a second water main repair is complete. >>> two men are in custody after a impersonating police officers. courtney robinson is reporting from langley park. >> we understand from two sources that at least one of these men worked as a security guard for a company that provides security for a bid for a station apartments, where everything took place early yesterday morning. the victims are also residents of this apartment complex. according to prince george's county police, around 3:30 yesterday morning daniel blaylock and kennedy ventura approach the victim's on 15th avenue in the black suv with flashing lights. they showed badges and and they robbed the victims. we spoke with one man who did not want to go on camera because he knows both of these men, but says that he's not surprised. he had heard about similar things happening with other security guards. >> you are not even safe even though you have security. you have to deal with the day- to-day situa
blisters. a couple of people are melting. >> maryland reported less than half a dozen he related deaths. one of them in d.c. and three in virginia. temperatures will reach 100 degrees and there is concerned there could be more deaths and injuries. they are worried some will seek relief in the raging waters of the potomac. >> people underestimate the power of the water. there are big time safety issues. >> it is important to mind the heat advisory, going into effect and known and lasting until late tomorrow evening. if you have respiratory issues, you want to take it easy today, especially later in the day as things will get much hotter. in silver spring, courtney robinson, abc 7. >> we are not alone. from texas to maine, people are dealing with sweltering weather as they are doing everything they can to stay cool. this could be one of the worst early summer heat waves on record. to warnings are in effect in at least 14 states. >> water restrictions will remain in place in montgomery and prince george's counties and least through the day. the washington suburban sanitary commission is st
to newschopper 7 flying over 29 in maryland at lockwood drive. we still have police direction due to a traffic signal out. montgomery county is getting back to normal service for the most part. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 6:12, 75 degrees. when we continue, a passionate plea from the mother of a missing oregon boy. investigators are focusing their attention on the stepmother. >>> what is making headlines around the region as well. ♪ storyteller: the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. down came the rain and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily, the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement. and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. >>> it could be friday before all of the power outages in our area are restored. crews have been working around the clock since the recent storm to try to restore electricity to everyone. pepco has 45,000 outages still in d.c. and montgomery and pr
of cameras there is a positive benefit. >> reporter: that's the view of police in howard county, maryland. >> and we've had a significant reduction in the incidents of red light running and very significant reductions in crashes -- overall crashes at intersections as a result of the red light cameras. >> reporter: john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> communities often ask the federal government to match money for red light cameras. many want the cameras there for safety, not just to reduce revenue. >>> it is the earliest time a category 2 storm has formed in over 30 years. this morning people in mexico and texas are checking out the damage from hurricane alex. we'll go live to port isabel, texas, next. >>> and a suspect arrested overseas in connection with the russian spy ring goes missing, other suspects are expected in court this morning into and also ahead the smithsonian folk life festival is gearing up. we'll check in with holly on the national mall this morning. it is now 7:19. we'll be right back.  >>> heavy rains and whipping winds in texas. even know the state avoided a direc
forward. wjz, eyewitness news. >> violating maryland's wiretap laws comes with stiff penalties, up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. >>> an army intelligence specialist charged has been moved from kuwait the a military jail in virginia. private bradley manning is accused of leaking a video to the web site wick yi links. it shows u.s. troops killing a photographer and his driveer in baghdad. manning is also the focus of the pentagon investigation into thousands of leaked documents on the war effort in afghanistan. >>> after weeks of work, bp's new boss says it is time to scale back the company's clean- up effort in the gulf coast. in the days since bp capped the well, the crews in the area report seeing far less oil on the surface. the company says skimming boats and recent storms have helped remove or break up much of the oil. >>> a couple of days ago we saw maybe a very couple of small patches of oil that we had to get down low to identify them. >> reporter: but the operation to permanently seal the leak has hit another delay. the crews discovered debris in the relief well and t
in the area are without power. 262,000 in montgomery county, maryland. 43,000 without power in baltimore. 48,000 in northern virginia. and the clean-up has just begun. the damage is so severe and so widespread that as of now, they have no timetable as to when most places will be back online. in maryland, i'm kristin fisher for cbs news. >> thank you. >>> there were also severe storms in the midwest and rising floodwaters caused an iowa dam to break. cbs news correspondent cynthia bowers is in delhi, iowa, with the latest. good morning, cynthia. >> reporter: good morning, betty. what's amazing about this is that this concrete dam has stood since the 1920s when it was built for hydroelectric power. the lake it formed had provided generations of iowa families with an affordable getaway until a stream came crashing down, taking out a 30-foot section of concrete. a nine-mile lake was reduced to a puddle. the sad news for folks here is in a recession, finding the money to rebuild this thing may be next to impossible. no loss of life is the only good news here. betty? >> all right, cbs's cynthia bo
a college degree from the university of maryland college and neighbors say he comes from a good family. he is accused in the murder of dolores dewitt and her daughter ebony. >> he always came to work. he was never one that cause any problems. >> i hope that with the arrest of this bad, very dangerous individual that other witnesses will come forward and assist us in collaborating and closing some of the other cases. >> investigators believe scott may also be responsible for the murders of karen and carissa lofton, both of them shot to death six week before the dewitts' murders at their home nearby. >>> still to come, another oil spill in the gulf while the bp spill reach as a milestone. we have an update on both. >>> we have an update on two american sailors ambushed in afghanistan. we'll get the latest on the massive search. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  >>> we now know the identity of the two sailors ambushed in eastern afghanistan last friday. the pentagon confirms the taliban killed petty officer second class justin mcnally of colorado and the to belie
. also, 77 down in fredericksburg. 74 at baltimore. 73 in frederick, maryland. here is a look at the satellite- radar. from the live shot you saw of the 14th street bridge, it is a mix of clouds and sun this morning. some clouds on the horizon and across portions of the sky. that is kind of the way it is going to be today. some sun mixed in with clouds through outthe day today but not a bad day. we do have changes though. here is your forecast. it will be warmer. yesterday, we only got up to 87 degrees. today, we are looking at 9 2- rbgs 93 degrees under partly sunny skies. it will be pore humid. a slight chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon. a better chance during the evening but i do think today they would be widely scattered. -- today, we are looking at 92, 93 degrees under partly sunny skies. >>> the crew if sky fox is checking out your ride as you travel the capital beltway. landser op on the capital beltway with no problems to report. now, again, in montgomery county, this morning, police tell me there are at least 21 intersections that are
in the murder of a prominent maryland artist. the woman was found stabbed to death in a d.c. alley on monday just three days after she was reported missing from her rockville studio. police used surveillance video to track down her alleged killer. >> i don't believe it was anything much more than some sort of business or work relationship. they worked in areas that were in close proximity to one another and may have had some sort of contact. >> this is a heinous, violent act and this man is off the street right now. >> the suspect is 35-year-old raymond williams of kensington. he has been charged with premeditated murder and is being held without bond. >>> police in california have for you released surveillance video they hope will solve the murder a fairfax county man. of his a computer engineer who was in oakland last sunday getting ready for a job interview with google. police say this tape shows the suspects in his death. he was robbed at gunpoint and shot to death outside a dentist's office. >>> two children are in the hospital after they were hit by a car last night at the intersection
100 there. cool near 60 in western maryland. it looks like a hot day there as well. the higher elevations should be ten degrees cooler from washington all the way up the atlantic seaboard. temperatures will be near 100 degrees. yesterday we did not go code red. it is a code orange day. frat was code red. today the forecast is for code orange so the air quality may be a little better with better ventilation. anyway, reduce outdoor activities to help the air quality. should go to 100 or 101 in the cities. and clear tonight in the 80s through the evening and 70s tomorrow morning. another hot day and more humidity, deeper layer of humidity tomorrow. thursday and friday, some relief thankfully from the high heat and needed rain. thursday and friday and saturday. then we'll dry out and cool down a bit on sunday and monday. how's the traffic? >> no overnight road work. all of construction workers had the day off. that's helping traffic and the flow. did have street sweepers on the capitol beltway. they traled the outer loop and on the inner loop, they may have moved on. just be aware
used by bradley manning, a 22-year-old from potomac maryland. . >>> we have much more ahead on the wiki leaks controversy. just after 7:30, we'll talk with military analysts with fox news about what kind of danger the leak could present. >>> a lot of people feeling the effects of the storm this morning. if your home or property has been damaged, how do you go about handling the insurance claims? how do you better prepare incase something like this happens to you in the future? >>> as we head to break, a live look outside right now, 270 at montrose. we'll get the latest weather and traffic for you coming up next. it's 9 minutes after 7:00. ecic >>> making headlines this morning, the washington interfaith network is planning to put jobs in neighborhood investment first. hundreds of groups packed the asbury united methodist church pressing candidates to make jobs their number one issue if elected. >> need to support our people so they have the skills to be able to qualify for jobs in the district of columbia and be able to get those jobs. >> the last four years are a demonstration of sever
not expect things to be much better on river road into bethesda and connecticut avenue both in maryland and into the northwest part of the district. it just doesn't look very good at this point. back to you. >> jackie bensen, thanks. >>> the storms also had deadly consequences. the weather is blamed for knocking down a tree that slammed into a minivan in college park yesterday. police say the driver, 44-year-old michelle humanic was killed. her mother-in-law was also in that van. she was injured and taken to the hospital. >>> police in maryland say annapolis resident warren douglas smith was killed on the water yesterday. he got caught in the height of the storm while riding a personal watercraft near the bay bridge. smith was 63 years old. >>> and in virginia, the loudon county sheriff's office says the tree limb struck 6-year-old eric lawson in sterling. it happened while he was walking near a park with his family about 3:15 yesterday afternoon. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >>> the water restrictions from montgomery and prince george's county have finally been lifted. they
's road, maryland. neighbors say this is not the first time something like this has happened. our news 4 report. >> it drives me nuts. >> reporter: peggy la floor says she has been dealing with this, cats running through her neighborhood, hiding under her car. as cute as they are, they are frustrated because there are just too many of them. >> they come over here. we can't even open our doors or windows in the springtime because of the smell. it's really, really bad. >> reporter: she said the problem is this house and the woman inside who for years has been hoarding dozens of cats. when we talked to the woman who did not wish to have her face on camera, she didn't think it was a problem. >> there were 25 out back and three inside. >> reporter: 28 cats. do you think that's a lot? >> they were cared for. they were fed. they had water. >> reporter: charles county animal control tells a different story. after repeated requests to clean up the feces and unsafe living conditions were ignored, they decided to suit up and move in. crews arrived around 1:30 and three hours later they rounded up 2
getting hammered. we had a tornado warning earlier this afternoon for rockville, maryland. that has expired. but these storms are now working their way across the chesapeak i wouldn't be surprised if we get more warnings issued with these storms as we advance through the rest of the evening hours. here's what's happening in terms of the heat. we still have the heat advisories for much of the east, the south, stretching into alabama, into georgia. where it feels like it's 110 degrees even. and there are a lot of places yesterday that actually soared to record highs. and you can see it here. richmond, virginia, for example, what a hot summer it's been for you, up to 105 degrees yesterday. so some really hot numbers there. baltimore, up to 100, raleigh up to 100 as well. and in new york's central park. 97 degrees, it's been a stretch a long stretch of hot weather and the storms have only been providing some relief, really. because it tends to get hot once again. i can tell you that tomorrow you'll get an improvement and you'll see a reduction in humidity but it won't be a dramatic chan
, leesburg. 77 buoy, maryland. 80 degrees, annapolis. a look at the radar. not an awful lot going on just yet. a couple of rumbles of thunder on the eastern shore of maryland. those storms are moving away. there are more showers and storms starting to develop across eastern tennessee, eastern kentucky, far western virginia. we have many more dry hours left in front of us. one or two breaks of sunshine can still not be completely ruled out. that will allow temperatures to climb up in the mid-80s. afternoon showers and thunderstorms will become more and more likely. the extra cloud cover may delay the start of the rain and the thunderstorms. anything that does bubble up later today has the chance to reach severe limits. veronica will be here to keep you posted. >>> let's check out how the mid-day traffic is moving. jerry edwards joins us with the latest. >> good morning, everyone. a lot of detours and folks trying to find their way around with a lot ofñr roads that are closed. we a stretch of new york avenue blocked for a short time just a little while ago. it was a medical emergency just afte
worked at the university of maryland for many years before leeing to stay at home with her kids. neighbors remember her telling them that she was adopted and they were looking forward to adopting two of their own. they did adopt two daughters. >> she was very excited and she treat the children so well. >> we would talk about our kids and that is what i remember about her is how kind she was and how generous and how active she was in her community. >> she worked on the college park recreation board and she also created a neighborhood watch site. >>> can you log on to our web site if everything you need to know about the storms from information on power outages to pictures of the damage. also, we have tips there on how to keep your food fresh. check out >>> other headlines, we'll find out more about last june's deadly metro accident later today when the ntsb releases its official report on the red line crash that killed nine people. metro is putting aside $30 million over three years to meet the ntsb recommendation. officials admit m
management from the university of maryland college and that he worked for u.p.s. and his work was a core piece of the investigation. >>> today is a 100 in the disaster in the gulf of mexico. the deep water horizon oil rig exploded and sank more than three months ago and 100 days later the cap is finally intact. the coast guard says the pressure around the well is stable. spotters from the air are having trouble finding any oil sheen in the water but louisiana officials aren't convinced the disaster will be coming toed and anytime soon. >> are they trying to say this is over? are they that stupid? you know, it took six weeks from when it first started to leak to come ashore and now they topped it last week and it's over? >> reporter: some oil is still washing up op beaches and scientists say massive clouds of oil suspended in the water column could contaminate seafood and deplete oxygen. >>> the coast guard is keeping a close eye on another oil spill in the gulf. a tug boat pushing a barge slammed in to an abandoned well 65 miles south of new orleans. it sent a plume of oil and gas in the
. >> wisdom martin in the newsroom. thank you for that. >>> developing in maryland tonight. day two of water woes across prince george's county and montgomery county. all because of this. a faulty 96-inch water main in potomac. nearly two million customers still under mandatory wrn bans tonight to -- water bans tonight to make sure there is enough water to go around. >> reporter: wssc says its crews will be working for the next couple of days. first to drain this pipe and then to repair it. they say until they're able to do that, they really need their 1.8 million customers to cut back and conserve on their water uses. right now they say not enough people are doing that. 4th of july is all about the water but with handtory water -- mandatory water restrictions for all customers right now that is taking on a whole new meaning, especially at places like the east gate swim and tennis pool. >> we definitely cut down the amount of water we use. we're definitely -- they asked us to cut down. i think we cut it down at least a third. >> reporter: the pool manager says if she hadn't read about the co
see the satellite-radar showing just awe few high clouds there streaming across northern maryland at this hour. no rain, no thunderstorm activity in today's forecast. here is your planner for today. 90 in washington. 88 in leonardtown. 89 in the shan stilly. fredericksburg, 91-degree. still, not bad when you remember we were near 100 a couple of days ago. >> i would like to forget. thank you. >>> julie wright is back from her vacation to keep an eye on the roads for us today and first of all, welcome back. >> thank you. >> secondly, still lots of issues with traffic lights that are not working. >> you know, you walk into the dark when you get home and you are not sure what to expect. that is what we're dealing with again today and for a lot of folks waking up in the dark with no ac. not a fun way to start your day. we have a number of traffic lights that are dark right now. you will find a number of the signals that remain dark. if you come up to a traffic light where the signal is not working, you want to treat it as a four-way stop. lane are the capital beltway but you are in th
responsibilities. >>> the state of maryland has launched a program aimed at helping people buy homes. state administrators say the program will provide $100 million in mortgage loans. and it will be focused on areas that expect to see significant growth due to a big military base realignment about to take place. >> it's good news for our first- time home buyers. it's good news for families relocating to maryland as a result of the base realignment and closure program. >> and more good news. under this program, interest rates in the statewide maryland mortgage program are being lowered to 4.5%. >>> here is something you should know about. the better business burrow reportings seeing an increase of complaints against online car dealer. shoppers have lost many to these websites. if a dealer only communicates through chat or e-mail, that's a sign. and if payments are only accepted through wire transfer, that's a sure-fire sign. for more tips go to our website,, and click on living smart. >>> honey bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. they are essential to agricultural and -- our
. coming up, a new poll since light on the governor's race in maryland. >> and details about president obama's next fundraising spree. >> an update >>> in our top stories at 6:44 on this tuesday, the white house is calling the clleak of afghan war documents alarming. "wikileaks" posted 90,000 documents on the website. it threatens to create deeper doubts about the war at thhome. >>> the u.s. is participating in military maneuvers along with south korea after the sinking of the south korean war ship by north korea in march in which 46 sailors were killed. >>> one of two sailors missing in afghanistan since last week is confirmed dead. the body has been recovered. a colorado legislators said the sale was his wife's nephew, 30- year-old justin mcnelly. the search is on for the other sailors. >>> the national transportation safety board plans to release its final report on the june, 2009 crash that killed nine people. pamela brown is live with more. good morning. >> good morning. the findings that will be released today are expected to go beyond a typical ntsb report. ntsb investigators ar
cloudiness. upper 60s to around 70s. eastern shore now, the mid 70s, the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. at many locations, they have dipped into the upper 50s and it's not very humid there. over the last 12 hours, we've had showers and thunder showers to the west of washington. those have dissipated. we have low clouds lingering east of the ridge this morning. a little bit of sunshine in and out, partly sunny. hot and humid. highs reaching the low 90s. there's a chance of a late shower tonight and around tomorrow. tomorrow, unfortunately some storms tomorrow could be severe with some of the damaging winds. highs in the mid 90s to be followed by higher humid and cooler temperatures. >>> looking pretty good right on the wilson bridge. however, authorities are dealing with an accident outer loop at van dorn street. let's head over and see how we're doing. headed to the bay bridge or those of you on the eastern shore through annapolis right now. as just mentioned, restoration continues. we still have a lot of traffic lights out around the area. we'll keep it updated. >> t
temperature, as well. farther to our west, the blue ridge and maryland, virginia, it's in the low to mid southwest this morning. in southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, temperatures there are in the southwest to near 80. look at the dew points there in the low 70s in many locations, especially around the bay and the eastern shore. that is sweltering humidity fp out of the mountain, it's cooler and more comfortable. western maryland, west virginia now in the low 60s. eastern shore now, the mid-70s. and this huge area of high pressure that's been plaguing us the last few days with the heat is now beginning to sink a bit to the south and a developing area of low pressure off the atlantic seaboard will give us a south easterly flow today when which will bring in clouds and also increased humidity. a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, then likely thunderstorms as the front approaches from the west coming in friday evening and off and on on saturday. highs tomorrow near 90. saturday mid and upper 80s. and then low humidity for sunday, highs near 90. jerry, how is the traff
and maryland. do we have the m dot camera? out of easton, no problems, that's eastbound toll plaza at sandy point. very nice and easy right. bay sand is recommending that you leave after 11:00 so leave before 11:00 if you're heading back from the beach. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you, lauren. >>> well new this morning, a deadly accident out on the roads in northern virginia. it happened at 1:00 a.m. at the intersection of chapel road and glen cove drive if cliffton. there were six people in an suv that went off the road and hit a tree. a 31-year-old man died and five others are hospitalized. fairfax county police say it appears speed was a factor in the crash. >>> and also new this morning, a nasty accident involving a car and metro bus in south east d.c. a metro spokesperson said the driver of the car ran a light at 14th street and was t- boned by a bus. bus went on to hit one other vehicle. the were passengers on the bus at the time. one person was seriously hurt and three others suffered minor injuries but it's unclear whether those that were hurt were in th
. pamela brown is standing by in rockville. the official at the center is germantown, maryland? >> we spoke to a seismologist and he says that the epicenter was 10 miles northwest of rockville. the magnitude of the earthquake was 3.6 which was minor. that is unusual in our area. there has only been a couple of minor earthquakes in the last couple of years in d.c. one man told me it was more sound than shaking. he heard a huge rumble and went outside to see what was going on and he realized it was an earthquake. some people did not realize it until we told them. >> we have a trained near my house and it goes by and i thought it was bad. it was way too strong for that. >> i was sitting on the floor this morning and it started moving. i was wondering what it was. >> i am scared. i did not know this would happen out here. out and iked me thought was a storm and i looked out and it was clear. i don't know what the world is coming to. >> everyone has their own account of what they experienced this morning. it is really business as usual now. people have come to grips with what happened this morni
right, george. >>> authorities in maryland, meanwhile, they say have indicted america's newest serial killer. police say 27-year-old jason thomas scott killed five women over the past two years. and they have killed more in other parts of the country. pierre thomas has the latest and joins us live from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: hi, robin. this morning, police say they expect the investigation to expand across state lines, into texas, florida and the district of columbia. and what they describe as a chilling case. five women murdered in a span of only nine months in one suburban maryland county. january 2009. karen lofton, a nurse fatally shot as she tried to hide in this corner of her own home. her daughter, gunned down as she frantically dialed 911 for help. the killer had disarmed their security system. the doors were locked. no signs of forced entry. two months later in march, another nurse, delores dewitt, and her daughter, ebony, savagely murdered and burned in a car. >> i have lost a friend. >> reporter: and vilma butler, executed and left to burn in her hom
was taken into custody. >>> the maryland washington, d.c. area has been hit by massive power outages after storms blew through the area knocking down trees and power lines. a prince georges county county fire spokesman says a tree fell on a mini-van killing a woman in beltsville. we'll send you back to new york for "good morning america." we'll see you in a half-hour for good morning maryland at 9:00. ♪ let's live it up i've got my money let's get it on ♪ >>> and we've got a feeling you're going to be back with us on friday, out in the park for black eyed peas. they are part of our summer concert series taking center stage on friday. we invite to you come on back. you're being very quiet and mysterious. >> oh, the sound. >> i know. >> we say good morning, america. on this monday morning, i'm robin along with george. >>> this morning, tory johnson is going to show you some people who have really mastered the art of living. making money from home. all of these people have done it. tory johnson is going to show us how. >>> plus, they can destroy your summer fun, and your home. army of ant
friday, sick people had died of heat-related causes in maryland so far this year which was as many as all of 2009. virginia and d.c. have already seen pore heat-related deaths than they saw last year. it is proof of just how dangerous the weather can be. infants, young people and the elderly are especially at risk. >> number one, avoid direct sunlight and avoid the middle part of the day when it will be hottest outside. out there and you are feeling dizzy, headachy, crampy, hydrate, get out of the heat. >> we are talking more about the health risks heat can pose and what local emergency rooms have been dealing with. that is coming up later this hour. >>> there are plenty of places to go in the district to stay cool. city pools are opening two hours earlier at 11:00 this morning. they will close one hour later at 9:00 p.m. the city has opened its 62 cooling centers. officials are especially worried about older residents and are providing transportation to the cooling centers as well. >> we are wishing fans to seniors and folks with disabilities, providing transportation to the cooling cent
capital of maryland, but just for 24 hours. governor martin o'malley will be in the city today to ame it capital for a day. the monthly program wws started by governor o'malley in 2007. it brings the state apital to %-thhough a series of events and the chosen cities, towws and up billions of dollars ú%h pentagon officials ssy they have no idea where all that money went. >>> i'm mily gracie live at east point mall for baltimore idol. >>> we have you and patrice out3 there, both because it's so big. >>>reporter: absolutely crazy. i'm jjined by alexis. how long have you bben in line >>>we got ere sometime in the %->> reporter: who would yours. sayyyou're most like? ú% i sing like, maybe a little januarjanice ssmething along the liness >> could we have a little bit of singing? >> absolutely.ú >> have you ome here for date ♪ ♪ have you come here to play jesus ♪ ♪ to the leepers i leepprs in y♪ >> love it. good job. alexis. >> how long have you been out >> let's get a group sing. ú%erybody belt it out all at once. >> 11. >> 11:00. >> sing for me.3 >> okay. -ll
a little volume northbound as you commute north to springfield. maryland, so far so good. american legion bridge, outer loop, inner loop, all is well. joe, pat? >> thanks very much, jerry. >>> well, with just a day left in july, it's already become the deadliest month for u.s. forces in afghanistan. overnight, we learned three more u.s. service members have been killed. a nato statement released earl i didn't this morning says the measures died in two separate blasts. those three deaths bring the u.s. death toll in afghanistan to at least 63 according to the associated press. that's the largest number in one month in the history of the nearly nine year war. >>> we're following a developing story out of california this morning. that's where firefighters are trying to get a handle on a blaze it that has scorched more than 2,000 acres overnight in los angeles county. the blaze broke out yesterday afternoon and quickly spread over seven square miles. about 1200 homes were under a mandatory evacuation orders last night, but so far none of the homes has been damaged. another massive fire near t
subcommittee has approved $150 million in federal funding for metro, but there are strings attached. maryland senator barbara mikulski include language to ensure that the money is spent on safety first. the bill requires metro to report to congress detailing safety. >>> ben bernanke goes back to the hill today to talk about the state economy. yesterday said the nation's economic outlook remains unusually uncertain. he downplayed the odds of the economy sliding back to a double-dip recession. >>> wall street did not like what he said. the major indexes finished the day in the red. the markets will keep an eye on what the fed chairman says today. >>> new details about the man suspected in two mother-daughter murders in august. does break came when federal agents raided his calls last july in connection with a gun store robbery. they found evidence that eventually made him a suspect in the murders of karen lofton and her daughter. as well as delores dewitt and her daughter. the 27-year old and lived in the victim's neighborhood and is a serial killer with a long criminal background. >>> the man
companies in d.c., maryland and virginia asking people to condition serve their energy. the non-stop ac and fans are raising concerns about power outages. fox 5's tom fitzgerald takes a closer look. >> reporter: here inside the power grid control room, the larges are nonstop. >> that is another large. >> reporter: priscilla knight has been pleading with customers to cut back on electricity. >> we are asking for everyone to cooperate. >> reporter: cooperation that will be key in avoiding power outages. engineers like larry shaver are fighting hard to avoid. >> our demand is higher than what we've seen probably ever. >> reporter: larry's control screens are now show something areas of the power grid entering emergency or high level ranges. >> it puts us on alert to try to keep an eye on those kinds of stations that are running up in that alarm region. >> reporter: but customers are not powerless in helping prevent outages, limiting air conditioning is one way. >> if they will turn it up to 78 or even warmer that, will help a lot. >> reporter: even replacing inefficient traditional light b
is a bright young college grad pursuing a masters in computer science. maryland authorities say he is also a stone cold killer. >> today a prince george's county grand jury returned a seven-count indictment against jason scott. >> reporter: scott was charged with murdering delores dewitt, a nurse, and her 20-year-old daughter ebony in march of 2009. >> she was a beautiful person, had a beautiful spirit. >> reporter: their charred bodies were found in a stolen car that had been set on fire. just months earlier, less than a mile from the dewitt murders, police believe that scott disarmed the security system at this home and then shot another nurse, karen lofton, as she hid in a corner. her 16-year-old daughter was repeatedly shot as she tried to dial 911. authorities believe scott, a ups employee, used his access working in a package sorting facility fo find his victims' addresses. >> his employment is a core piece of this investigation. it's going to be very critical as to how the victims and everyone was identified. >> reporter: it's unclear why he killed these women, or if he was targetin
gets the house, the car. but who gets the dog? how one divorce case in maryland may change the way pets are viewed when a marriage splits up. carol costello's got a "gut check" for us ahead. >>> checkin this morning. as we cross the half-hour, three employees at the u.s. embassy in paris are being treated for poisoning after opening their mail citing a french police source, reuters says the exact nature of the poisonings is not yet known. the source also did not know the seriousness of the employees' condition. no comment yet from the u.s. embassy. >>> turns out the number of graves mislabeled or mismarked at arlington national cemetery is way more than originally thought. as many as 6,600 graves at arlington may have been affected in this. the army's previous estimate is much smaller. around 211 plots at the military burial ground. >>> this is now the deadliest month for u.s. troops in afghanistan since the war began nine years ago. in the past 24 hours, nato says three american soldiers were killed in two different blasts in southern afghanistan. that brings july's death toll to 63. >
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